Projects and FAQs About Memphis Auctions

Memphis Estate Sales

We can liquidate estates, businesses, any size motor vehicle in any condition, classic car collections, boats, jewelry, gold, silver, coins, collectibles just to name the most common items.

Partial Estate Sales

Sometimes when estates are partial, we might have to move them together. Of course, we carefully tag each item so as to account for your items just as we do the other estate. This method proves quite attractive especially when couples are simply downsizing into a smaller house or a retirement community.

Online Memphis Auctions

We utilize multiple on-line outlets that allow you to maximize your return on certain items. There are some items that just won’t bring near their value at an estate sale. But, with the power of the Internet and a worldwide audience there are some items that will fetch up to 2-3 times more than it may at an estate sale. We have sold over 1000 items on-line. As your experts in the field, when you have items like that, we will utilize whatever means necessary to gain the best value for you.


We do buy-outs when one just needs to have a quick disbursement of the estate without the hassle or time involved in setting up and having a sale.

Classic cars and Motor Vehicles

Jerry Park (my father) is an experienced classic car expert with our company. He has bought, sold and traded hundreds of automobiles from fixer-uppers to high end classic/collectible cars. He is experienced at valuation and has extensive experience with classic car auctions.


We often give free consulting when you might have an antique in Memphis or an estate with an unusual circumstance and you are looking for some ideas of how to handle it. Feel free to call anytime. If we don’t do your sale, we will be able to lead you in the right direction to take care of your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. 1 Question:
How much do you charge?

Estate sales require time, knowledge, experience and more manual labor than most people will ever realize. There are many factors that play into the cost. People ask us “How much do you charge?” That is a great question but not one that any estate sale company should or can accurately quote you over the phone. If they do, then you should run from doing business with them. The only way an accurate quote can be made is only by seeing the estate first hand.

Why do you have to see the estate to quote a percentage?

Because the job is going to be based on how long the set up takes, the amount of clean up that has to be done to be able to properly stage the sale, the value of the estate and how many employees it will require to set up and manage the sale, just to touch on a few of the factors that go into the commission or percentage.

How much is advertising?

We feel advertising should be included in the percentage that we quote. The quote that we give you should include every expense, so there are no surprises. If there is an extra charge, it will only be added after we have a complete understanding in advance with you.

What happens after the estate sale?

That depends on what the customer chooses. There are options, and these options are all a part of the percentage that is charged to the estate. If the customer wants an all in one option, we can do that. After the sale we have a buy-out specialist come in and bid on the job and clean it out. In some instances we will donate/dispose of anything remaining, dispose of the trash and the house will be empty when we turn off the lights and lock the doors. Or we can walk out after the last day and you can clean out the house. These are the most chosen options; however, we can discuss other options to finish the project for you.